American Consolidation

Introduction to the United States

American Consolidation service

European Consolidation

European Consolidation

European Consolidation service

Malaysia Consolidation

Malaysia Consolidation

Malaysia Consolidation service

Australia Consolidation

Australia Consolidation

Australia Consolidation service

Consolidation process

The package will arrive in the United States in 3-5 working days and Europe in 5-7 working days after the package is sent to the United States, which is a professional international express service

1、Forecast waybill 2、Receiving and warehousing 3、Packing and transportation 4、Payment of freight charges 5、International transportation 6、Delivery and receipt
Other consolidation services

Hong Kong Customs

First weight ¥ 35/0.5KG

Continuation ¥ 30/0.5KG

Low value special line

First weight ¥ 40/0.5KG

Continuation ¥ 35/ 0.5KG

Light luxury line

First weight ¥ 60/0.5KG

Continuation ¥ 50/0.5KG

High grade special line

First weight ¥ 110/0.5KG

Continuation ¥ 80/0.5KG

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